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Photio API provides AI capabilities to create product photos in the form of an API. From generating photos to removing backgrounds and creating backgrounds for product photos, it offers functionalities to edit and generate images via an API. Easily integrate it into your service and start producing product photos.

How to use Photio API?

Step 1. Authentication

First, you need an API key to use the Photio API, similar to logging into a service. Go to the API Dashboard and click on the API Key tab to issue your API key. You must register a credit card for billing purposes before obtaining the API key. Once you press the issue API key button, an API key starting with "pt-" will be generated. This key is used for all API calls, so copy and keep it in a safe place. Remember, your API key is confidential. Do not share it with anyone. If your API key is leaked, it can be used by others as if they were using your account.

All API requests should include your API key in an Authorization HTTP header as follows:

X-Photio-Key : {PHOTIO_API_KEY}

Example cURL command:

curl{endpoint} \
-H "X-Photio-Key: $PHOTIO_API_KEY"

Step 2. Request

You can send requests to the API using the POST method by targeting the correct endpoint. There are various types of APIs available. You can check and use the desired API information from the left tab. The Request Body varies for each API. Make sure to check the required body for the API you are using and send the request accordingly. For more detailed information, please refer to the documentation for each API.

API List

Step 3. Response

Photio API is a modularized API for editing photos with AI, so all responses include an image. The responses are provided in a Base64 format, which is readily usable by clients for immediate application. Depending on the development language you are using, you can directly utilize the response in your interface or convert it into image files like JPG or PNG.

"status_code": Integer,
"body": Base64 String

Usage Limit Setting

Photio API is a cloud service shared by all users who aim to innovate the process of creating product photos through AI. To prevent any individual from monopolizing the service and hindering others' opportunities to innovate media creation for products, a monitoring system controls the amount of API calls that can be made in a short period through a single API key.

Usage Monitoring

When using APIs, it is crucial to know how often you've made calls, as this can lead to billing. You can check your API usage at any time on the API Dashboard. There, you can monitor the number of calls made for each API and see the fees that will be charged for the current month. You can also set a maximum usage limit on the dashboard; if this limit is exceeded, your API key will automatically be blocked to prevent further usage.